Cassoulet Day 2016

We’re giving away two Cassoulet Kits!

After the holidays subside into cold, gray January, we reach for the comfort food and a bottle of (probably red) wine. The ultimate comfort food of Languedoc is Cassoulet, a delicious mess of pork, beans and duck confit baked together in a clay dish for 3 hours – and Cassoulet Day is coming up on January 9th.

To celebrate, we teamed up with D’Artagnan, purveyor of fine foods with roots in the South of France, to give away Cassoulet Kits to two lucky winners! Each kit comes complete with Haricot Tarbais beans, duck confit, duck & Armagnac sausage and the traditional clay bowl used to cook it all. Plenty of food for you and 12 of your closest friends, it’s perfect for a mid-winter dinner party – with plenty of Languedoc wine of course!

Intrigued? Click here to enter to win.

Pssst: Want to increase your chances of winning? You can submit one entry every 24 hours between January 8th and January 15th, and if you share the love on social media after you enter, you’ll get additional entries for each friend who clicks your link.

D'Artagnan Cassoulet Kit

Can’t wait to whip up a cassoulet of your own? Check out D’Artagnan’s website and download their classic Cassoulet recipe including pro tips from owner Ariane Daguin.

Fun Cassoulet Facts:

  • Each village in Languedoc has its own variation of the Cassoulet recipe, and locals hotly debate which one is the ‘correct’ one.
  • The three primary versions come from Castelnaudary, Carcassonne and Toulouse. All three include lots of beans and pork, but Carcassonne adds partridge and Toulouse adds duck confit, lamb & mutton.
  • There is even a Universal Cassoulet Academy in France that offers official authorization of Cassoulets served in restaurants all over the world!