Languedoc – France’s Organic Leader

Did you know? – Languedoc is a leader in France’s organic viticulture and wine production. In fact, 36% of all of France’s organic viticulture comes from Languedoc, and it accounts for 7% of the global production. Other key facts to note:

  • Currently the largest organic vineyard area in France, over 22k hectares​
  • Largest amount of French vineyard area currently in conversion (5,829 ha)
  • Highest % of certified organic grape growers in France​
  • Leading AOCs, in terms of certification:​
    Terrasses du Larzac – 50% (aiming for 80% in 3 years)​
    Faugères – 40% certified organic​

And the region has some admirable goals. In 10 years:

  • Double the amount of organic vineyard area 
  • 40% of all producers with some form of high value certification, such as Terra Vitis
  • 60% of surfaces committed to the process of sustainable development

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