Four Types of Travel Itineraries: Historical

We’ve chosen four types of traveler profiles and put together some suggested Languedoc itinerary points for each, giving us something to dream about for a next vacation:

Historical – For the history buff, Languedoc is an ideal location. Here are a couple of suggestions:


  • L’Abbaye de Valmagne is one of few abbeys to have escaped demolition during French Revolution. The monks used to cultivate vines on grounds, and the abbey still produces wine today.


  • Pézenas, home of Molière, is a beautiful and historic city. Stay at the Distillerie de Pézenas boutique hotel.


  • Carcassonne, another UNESCO World Heritage site, is one of the only remaining fortified cities in the world. Stay at the Hotel de la Cite.


  • Take an afternoon stroll down the streets of Montpellier and discover the unexpected beauty of when classic murals and modern street art come together. And don’t forget – the University of Montpellier dates to 1289, making it one of the oldest universities in Europe and the oldest medical school still in operation.


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