Four Types of Travel Itineraries: Adventure/Outdoorsy

We’ve chosen four types of traveler profiles and put together some suggested Languedoc itinerary points for each, giving us something to dream about for a next vacation:

Adventure/Outdoorsy – For the traveler who likes to get outside and move around:

  • Several of the wine appellations host walks through the vineyard in the spring and early summer for the public. These include many opportunities to stop and taste the wines and are the perfect way to really get to know the terroir. Or, contract with an independent operator for a private tour.


  • The Canal du Midi is not only an historic part of the region, but a great opportunity for a cruise or bike ride. You can travel from Carcassonne to Montpellier, or a shorter section, as your time permits. A variety of cruise and bicycle vendors are available to fit your needs.


  • There are many opportunities for boating in Languedoc, be it on the Mediterranean or in the Basin de Thau, or even kayaking in one of the rivers or gorges. Again, a variety of companies are available to fit your needs and experience levels.


  • Bring your climbing gear and bathing suit, Cévennes -located outside the city of Montpellier- offers extreme adventures including rock climbing over waterfalls and kayaking down rivers. Summit some of the best peaks in southern France and take in the breathtaking views of vineyards as far as the eye can see.


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