Four Itineraries for Languedoc: Which Type of Traveler Are You?

The South of France has long been on travelers’ radars as a beautiful and relaxing place to visit. Increasingly, travelers are discovering Languedoc—a hidden oasis within the South of France—as a prime destination with much to offer any type of vacation or excursion. Languedoc offers anything you could every want in your French adventure.
We’ve chosen four types of traveler profiles and put together some suggested Languedoc itinerary points for each, giving us something to dream about for a next vacation:

Luxury – A combination of luxury accommodations and restaurants will please the traveler who likes the finer things in life

Adventure/Outdoorsy – For the traveler who likes to get outside and move around

Gastronomy/Wine Lover – For the traveler who uses their palate to experience a place

Historical – For the history buff, Languedoc is an ideal location. Here are a couple of suggestions