Cassoulet Wine Pairings

National Cassoulet Day is January 9th, and we’re celebrating all month long. Cassoulet is a staple dish of Languedoc, made from slow cooked beans, pork, duck confit and herbs. It’s pretty much the ultimate comfort food. And, kind of like ‘hot dish’ or ‘chili’ in the US, different areas of Languedoc have their own recipes. For a limited time, you can enter to win a free Cassoulet Kit courtesy of our friends at D’Artagnan.

Of course you’ll need a nice glass of Languedoc wine to wash down all that Cassoulet, so here are some of our top recommendations from wine appellations around Carcassonne, one of the cities with a long history for the iconic dish:

Minervois AOCMinervois

Located to the north of Carcassonne, Minervois  is home to bold red wines made from primarily Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre. The sub-region of Minervois La Livinière is one of the few “Cru” appellations of the region.

Suggested Wines:

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CorbieresCorbières AOC

Located south-east of Carcassonne, Corbières wines are known for their “garrigue” scent – resinous herbs like lavender and thyme that grow wild across the countryside – and use more Carignan than other appellations in Languedoc. Look out for Cru wines from Corbières Boutenac.

Suggested Wines:

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Other wine appellations around Carcassonne include Cabardès, FitouLimoux (home of the region’s delicious sparkling wines), and Malepère. Or just look out for “Languedoc AOC” or “Coteaux du Languedoc” on the label at your local wine shop.


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