Cassoulet Day 2018

It’s National Cassoulet Day and we’re giving away a Cassoulet Kit to celebrate!

After the excitement of the holidays subsides and we settle into wintry January, we reach for comfort food and a bottle of (probably red) wine. The ultimate comfort food of Languedoc is Cassoulet, a delicious mess of pork, beans and duck confit baked together in a clay dish for 3 hours – and Cassoulet Day is coming up on January 9, 2018!



We’ve teamed up once again with D’Artagnan, purveyor of fine foods with roots in the South of France, to give away a Cassoulet Kit to one lucky winner! The kit comes complete with Haricot Tarbais beans, duck confit, duck & Armagnac sausage and the traditional clay bowl used to cook it all. Plenty of food for you and 12 of your closest friends, it’s perfect for a mid-winter dinner party – paired with plenty of Languedoc wine of course!

To explore Languedoc wine and other Cassoulet pairings, click here.

As an added bonus, from January 20th – 31st all entrants will receive a discount code for 25% off of D’Artagnan’s Cassoulet ingredients! Stay tuned.

Sweepstakes runs January 8 through January 19, 2018.

Intrigued? Enter to win here!


Can’t wait to whip up a Cassoulet of your own? Check out D‘Artagnan’s website and download their classic Cassoulet recipe including pro tips from owner Ariane Daguin.

Platings and Pairings has a unique take on the traditional cassoulet. Get her Duck & Fennel Cassoulet here along with a bit about her inspiration.

An Edible Mosaic adds a rind of Parmesan cheese and splash of red wine vinegar to her take on cassoulet. Read about her Smoky Sausage, Leek, and Parmesan Cassoulet here.

Try this funky (Indian) spin on cassoulet from Cake n Knife. Here, she resurrects a ‘Bombay cassoulet’ tradition using masala spices obtained in Singapore. A truly international dish!


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