Taste Languedoc in Florida at Crown Wine & Spirits

crown-logo-from-webFlorida fans – here’s your chance to ‘Taste Languedoc’ at participating Crown Wine & Spirits locations this month. From October 14 through the end of the month, find a free tasting near you to discover more great Languedoc wine selections.


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What to look for in Languedoc?

Check out these bubbles for the holiday season – AOP Crémant and Blanquette de Limoux (cray-mon and blon-ket de lee-moo) These traditional method wines offer the unique combination of Champagne quality at Pdsc_9533rosecco prices. This combination makes Limoux an ideal go-to wine to dress up a weekday dinner, as a gift for the discerning hostess or to help celebrate a special occasion.

Blanquette de Limoux wines feature the local grape Mauzac, not to be found in any other sparkling wines! Crémant de Limoux wines use primarily Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay, but can be rosé as well with the addition of some Pinot Noir.

Stock up on Limoux sparkling wines today for all of your holiday entertaining needs!


Most wines from Languedoc are red blends made from Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Carignan, and Cinsault. They’re seductively
rich, earthy wines with dark berry and herb notes, and they pair phenomenally with a wide range of dishes. Search out wines like AOP Corbières (cor-bee-air), among other great appellations.

French-Herb-Turkey-0753.21_curious_cuisiniereCorbières produces red, white and rosé wines. Situated between the Pyrenees mountains and the Aude river, the region has a complex geological history that explains the great variety of soil types (including shale, limestone, sandstone and marl) which contribute to the distinctive character of the wines. Within AOP Corbières is the AOP of Corbières Boutenac. Corbières is the largest AOP in Languedoc.  The rules for this AOP require Carignan in greater amounts than other areas, especially in Boutenac.