#LanguedocDay 2017

Friday May 26 – Join the conversation for #LanguedocDay 2017!

#LanguedocDay is a social media campaign and live conversation to promote Languedoc AOP wines. Anyone can participate by sharing content and using the hashtag #LanguedocDay, to raise awareness of the wines and of the category.

How can you participate?

  • Announce #LanguedocDay on your social media platforms, and seed content to create awareness and anticipation
  • Use targeted advertising to increase awareness and encourage participation
  • Actively generate content and engage with everyone who uses the #LanguedocDay hashtag, on all platforms, on the appointed day (May 26, 2017)


Content you can share:

We’ve partnered with some social media influencers to generate content for #LanguedocDay. Keep eyes on Reverse Wine Snob and A Side of Sweet for more to come!


Loaded Avocado Toast + Thyme, Tomatoes & Ricotta