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Florida: Join ABC Fine Wines & Spirits for an adventure through Languedoc June 21, 2014 from 2-4pm. [ssba_hide]

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Languedoc wines was celebrated on 5/30/14 with the hashtag #LanguedocDay on Twitter [ssba_hide]


See why 2014 is The Year of Languedoc. [ssba_hide]

Languedoc AOC Wines’ Surge

Languedoc AOC Wines’ Import Surge Continues in 2013. Category Doubles in Three Years; U.S. Sales Promotion, L’Aventure Languedoc, Bolsters Category’s Ascent

Lunch in the Garrigue

Enjoy a final meal at the conference before you hit the road with the AOC wines of Languedoc, and find a little  bit of the South of France in Portland.

Wine Blogger Conference

Languedoc wines is a sponsor of the International Wines Night Saturday, August 18. We will also be sponsoring the Lunch in the Garrigue with the AOC Wines of Languedoc Enjoy a final meal at the conference before you hit the road with

Languedoc Day 2012

On May 3rd, Languedoc AOC wines will be hosting a conversation and tasting on Twitter. To take part in this unique opportunity to gain insight into the AOC wines of Languedoc, use the hashtag #LanguedocDay

Languedoc Chicago

See a list of the 2013 participants here:

Languedoc S.F.

See the list of this year’s L’Aventure Languedoc participants here:

Languedoc Boston


See a list of the 2013 participants here:

Languedoc Sparkles

When looking for a great alternative sparkling wine this holiday season, reach for a Blanquette de Limoux or Crémant de Limoux from Languedoc, South of France.  Limoux is where the traditional method of sparkling wine production originated and it is

MoMA by Night

In continued partnership with MoMA, Sud de France wines remain the exclusive wine sponsor of the PopRally series.  The next MoMA by Night series, will be featuring an evening of gallery tours of the wonderful and gorgeous exhibition de Kooning: A Retrospective (

Starchefs’ International Chefs Congress

Sud de France wines will be part of the Somm Slam at the 2011 International Chefs Congress, a three-day culinary symposium where the world’s most influential and innovative culinary professionals present the latest techniques and culinary concepts to their peers.