Elemental Languedoc

It’s no secret that the elements impact a wine. One way to think about the AOCs of Languedoc is to divide them into five groups defined by similar “elemental” features and wine styles.

Cassoulet Day 2018

It’s National Cassoulet Day and we’re giving away a Cassoulet Kit to celebrate! After the excitement of the holidays subsides and we settle into wintry January, we reach for comfort food and a bottle of (probably red) wine. The ultimate

Cassoulet Wine Pairings

National Cassoulet Day is January 9th, and we’re celebrating all month long. Cassoulet is a staple dish of Languedoc, made from slow cooked beans, pork, duck confit and herbs. It’s pretty much the ultimate comfort food. And, kind of like ‘hot

Languedoc Rosé

Languedoc produces lots of terrific rosé wine, learn more here

Cassoulet Day 2016

We’re giving away two Cassoulet Kits! After the holidays subside into cold, gray January, we reach for the comfort food and a bottle of (probably red) wine. The ultimate comfort food of Languedoc is Cassoulet, a delicious mess of pork,

Binny’s Tastings

Languedoc AOP Wines and Binny’s team up to bring you exclusive tastings at multiple locations.

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